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Tj's Junior Charcoal Pocket Nappy

Tj's Junior Charcoal Pocket Nappy

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‘Junior’ charcoal pocket nappies

The nappies have round tabs and 4 rows of snaps to allow great adjustability.

They have a water-resistant, breathable outer layer with a charcoal microfleece inner/lining, creating a pocket for absorbent inserts to make it fully customisable.

The charcoal microfleece used for these nappies has been impregnated with nanoparticles of charcoal derived from bamboo during manufacture. Charcoal absorbs smells and reduces acidity, as well as having the advantage of not showing staining.

Tj's Charcoal Pocket nappies have a double gusset for maximum containment & fasten with a double row of poppers with hip snaps to prevent wing drop. The rise snaps on the front allow the size of the nappy to grow with your child, and the generous pocket opening allows easy insert removal.

The nappy comes with a 3 layer bamboo insert.

Charcoal reduces acidity thus reducing nappy rash and smells, whilst having the added bonus of not showing staining.

 On the first couple of washes, we advise washing separately from clothes and nappies.


Junior nappy

2-9 years, depending size and build of your child

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