Changes to RainbowCloth from 1st October

We're making some changes to our eco friendly store! 

We've been more quiet on our social media pages that we would have liked over the past couple of weeks but it has allowed us the chance to start implementing new changes to our store to keep in line with the current market.

These changes will go live from 1st October and hope that they will continue to deliver the best eco friendly journey to your door.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email, our contact form or via our social media channels! 


  1. A pre-loved section

    To help keep waste to a minimum we're launching a pre-loved section in our store.

    Who doesn't love a good bargain?

    From the 1st October we're going to have a range of good condition cloth waiting to find new homes.

    Times are hard and we want to be able to support everyone in keeping cloth out there and to ditch the disposables where we can. Even just 1 nappy a day is over 100 nappies before potty training years!

  2. Freebie Fridays

    Yep - that is exactly what it says on the tin really!

    On first Friday of every month a 'Freebie Friday' section will open on our website.

    Sometimes things aren't in the best condition to sell but are still far too good to waste - from toys to cloth, and books to clothes these goods are free to everyone - you'll just need to pay postage.

  3. Reviews

    Now this is going to be a bit of a work in progress, so you'll need to bear with me in getting these done - but we want to experience and know our products that we offer you all.

    So we'll be trying them... ALL of them -  (except newborn nappies I'm afraid - no more babies coming to this house!)

    We will then publish our honest review of them.

    Plus - we want yours too.

    We want to know what you think of everything you purchase from us. We know that sometimes this takes time so if you're able, a quick message to us with a bit of feedback would be appreciated and we'll publish it on your behalf.

    People's experiences are important to both us and our buyers.

  4. Postage options

    One of the things we discovered whilst living in our motorhome last year was the struggle to get things delivered where we needed them to be.

    So we want people to have more postage options from us - offering best value for money as well as the best delivery options for you.

    From 1st October you'll see our list of postage options expand.

    If you don't see an option that suits you - we'll be happy to help just drop us a line.

    We will continue to reuse packaging where we can to reduce our own waste and footprint: plus we'll continue to refund any postage less than what you've paid.

  5. Shout out Sundays

    Times are hard! We work hard!

    So give yourselves a shout out.

    We don't mind what your business is (although nothing illegal please!) - we just want to share the love of all your amazing talents and independent businesses. Plus, we all need to be seen and heard in these times.

    Everyone deserves a shout, whether it be your own, a friends or someone from your family - pop it on our weekly Sunday social thread starting 1st October!

  6. Price promise

    Offering good quality eco friendly goods is our main focus.

    We want people to feel that they can afford to be eco friendly - because lets face it, it isnt always the cheapest option or initial cost when it comes to things like nappies and razors.

    Times are hard too. Cost of living continuing to rise and being able to afford luxury goods is becoming more difficult.

    So, because you guys are important us and our main focus is to offer eco friendly products to everyone we promise that we'll offer competitive prices on everything, and if you find it cheaper than what you've paid from us within 7 days - we'll refund the difference.

  7. Rep codes and rewards

    This is a tricky area to get right.

    Weighing up discount codes versus free postage versus sales!

    Ultimately we cannot run at a loss but we want to give you the best value at all times where we can - we're buyers too and want to achieve the best value for money when we place our own orders.

    So with our price promise we're removing our rep code discounts but our rewards are still active. Earn points every time you shop and earn money off future orders.

    We will still run discounts and free postage promos occasionally too

    If you fancy being a rep for us, and the opportunity to receive discounts on your orders then just give us a message and we'll be happy to give you more info.

  8. Our final change

    As you all know, a name means absolutely everything.

    The original name was created from the heart of another family and whilst our original plans had been to keep RainbowCloth we've hit a couple of stumbling blocks

    Firstly, there are two companies with the same name - which makes our further plans more tricky.

    Secondly, we want to be able to represent our goals and aims as a business beyond the original focus of cloth nappies, which unfortunately is a quiet market post pandemic. 

    We want to deliver a business from our own hearts. So on 1st October we will be rebranding and you'll see us change. You may see the website down at points whilst we do this - but it won't be down for long and your orders will still continue as normal.