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Honeysticks paints and brushes - an honest review

Being a mum to five, I have probably been through my fair share of paint over the past 14 years! 

So trying out Honeysticks for the first time I can honestly say I probably did not have high hopes when so many brands claim to deliver bright results. 

This time was also different. Not only were my children trying these out as something new Mummy had bought, I'd also intended on stocking them in my new venture I had taken on: RainbowCloth! 

So here it was, an opportunity to try them out. Daddy had gone away for the weekend and we needed to pick him up from the airport - so some 'Daddy' signs were in order, you know just in case he tried to avoid us and pretend he wasn't with us 😉

Paper and paints ready, deep breath ready to stop the 2 year old painting over his sister's paintings and we were off!

Now, you know that scrumpeled up face you pull when you think 'really?' in a somewhat confused manner. I honestly think I was there, I couldn't get the paints to appear paint like in the tray they just seemed bitty and well watery.

But as the kids started painting, and inevitably J started exploring the paint with his mouth, the pictures started to come together and after just moments that it took them to try.. Low and behold some beautifully bright pictures that you would have thought they had used lots of paint on!

Pictures being painted

Now none of mine liked the chunkier brushes but I have no doubt that would be down to personal preference but also for the younger hands that are still developing, the brushes would be great for them to hold. They also spread he paint really well so they worked as a great complimenting team. 

Girls with their finished painted pictures

As the kids actually ended up using so little, I feel positive that these will last a lot longer than a cheaper alternative and look forward to many more pictures being proudly displayed over all of the kitchen ☺️

With a toddler still very firm on exploring new things with his mouth, it is extremely reassuring to know that they're food grade safe for him to eat when I've turned my back for a moment! 

Overall it is a big 👍 from us! 

With such a positive outcome I look forward to trying out the Honeysticks Colour Drops with them 🌈

View the range here 👇

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